Monday, 20 January 2014

Trying to use a double needle

One of my units requires me to use a double needle. I had no trouble setting my machine up and these are the stitch I have made. When I get to a needle craft shop I will try and get a wider needle to see what the stitches look like further apart.

Weaving sample

This small sample is woven on a square frame with ribbon then I adding dissolvable fabric and stitched diagonally. The piece is then immersed in water then left to dry. I then went over the piece with a heat gun to melt the ribbon.

My version of the green man

This is my version  of the green man. This is made from fabrics, papers and thick threads that are put through the bobbin. The nose, eyes and lips are stuffed so they stand out. I have singed the felt to make it look natural and give it definition.

Completed my cat embroidery called 'I miss you black cat'


This piece is part of my experimental embroidery unit and I decided to make an embroidery inspired by my cat Mitzy who died 7 years ago. The whole piece is stitched using free motion embroidery on cotton.