Saturday, 19 July 2014

Making cords

Most of my work uses machine wrapped cords which are very useful not only for textile art but also jewellery and beyond. Most sewing machines will allow you to do this. Firstly put your darning (free machine) foot on your machine. Put your machine to darn or free machine mode. Thread you machine normally using preferable matching thread. Grab some interesting lengths of threads/wools, wire (if you want to twist the cords or add stability) etc, a metre plus is advised. Switch to zig zag and experiment. Place your threads in the middle of the plate and hold them taught then start to sew. Here are a few pictures of
me making cords. Good luck!

 Detail of machine wrapped cord on the sewing machine.
 This cord was made using lengths of silk, linen and thick gold thread and machine stitched using copper thread (wonderfil). I then used the finger knitting technique.
 Further detail of above.

I used a textured thread for this cord which makes a nobbly cord when machine stitched.

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